Cells, Membranes and Assay Kits

Highly Characterized, Physiologically Relevant Tools for Drug Discovery, Screening, and Profiling

Multispan’s commitment to quality and scientific excellence extends to every product in its portfolio of ready-to-use
tools. These products produce data with the consistency, reliability, and physiological relevance required to bring better
medicines to the clinic.

The Multispan Portfolio

  • Portfolio of >1000 clonally-derived stable cell lines
  • Minimally modified GPCRs and other targets directly selected in functional assays
  • Validated using MULTISCREEN™ assay kits in 384-well format
  • Rigorous quality control ensures that 99% of the stable cell lines pass 2-month stability
  • Parental and ortholog cell lines available

Not all cell lines are created equal. Find out why Multispan cell lines outperform.

384-well plate used in HTS screening and drug discovery, image
  • Derived from Multispan’s, well-characterized stable cell lines
  • Quality control performed in each lot for high performance functionality
  • Convenient tools for cell-based high-throughput screening
  • Plate and read with ready-to-go assay conditions
  • Low-cost evaluation of a stable cell line or for limited number of compounds

Reduce assay set up & improve data consistency. Find out how Multispan division-arrested cells help.

  • Ideal for receptor binding assays
  • High receptor density
  • Prepared from Multispan’s stable cell lines for minimal lot-to-lot variability
  • Two-week turnaround for rapid delivery
  • Quality control by FACS for receptor surface expression

High-quality membranes are essential. Find out how Multispan membranes are different.

Multiscreen membrane preparations image
GPCR assay kits used in compound screening
  • No-wash, homogenous assays for calcium and cAMP detection
  • Validated using Multispan’s stable cell lines and division-arrested cells
  • Compatible with 96-, 384-, and 1536-well formats
  • Complete technical support and protocols from cells to assay
  • Routinely used in our lab in compound screening campaigns
  • First HTS β-Arrestin sensor for native GPCRs in recombinant or primary cells
  • No GPCR tagging required
  • Lentiviral particles carrying MULTISCREEN™ β-Arrestin sensor genes
  • Parental cells stably expressing MULTISCREEN™ β-Arrestin sensors
  • Custom stable cell line generation co-expression β-Arrestin sensor and GPCR
  • In-licensing for institute-wide access

Don’t let GPCR tagging bias your results. Find out how to unbias your GPCR signaling research.

GPCR custom cell lines, used for HTS screening and drug discovery, image

Not seeing the cell line you need in our catalog? Let Multispan put its expertise to work to generate a custom stable cell line that meets your needs.

  • Coupled to functional assay development to meet HTS needs for GPCRs, kinases, NHRs, transporters, integrins, ion-channels and more
  • Comparable pharmacology and expression for human and ortholog targets
  • Single clones selected in relevant functional readout with customer input upfront
  • Rigorous QC: RT-PCR full-length sequencing, mycoplasma, growth curve and stability testing

Summary Catalog

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  • Endogenous Targets
  • Other Targets
  • Parental Lines
  • Assay Kits

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