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Orthologues And Other Things

Dr. Terry Kenakin and Dr. Lisa Minor delve into the importance of in vitro orthologue assays in bridging pre-clinical animal studies.   

Terry Kenakin, PhD

Terry Kenakin, PhD is a pharmacologist, professor, and author with over 32 years of industry experience in receptor biology. He has worked at GSK and is currently at the UNC school of medicine. Terry obtained his BS in chemistry and PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Alberta, Canada. He has written 9 books on Pharmacology and is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Receptors and Signal Transduction. 

Lisa Minor, PhD

Dr. Lisa Minor is a scientific expert in several therapeutic areas, HTS and safety profiling, with a 25-year tenure at Johnson & Johnson. She has been a Multispan consultant since 2012, is a former editor for the NIH Assay Guidance Manual, and served on the SLAS board and National Toxicology Program. She received her Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University. 

Conversations About Cell-Based Assays

Gain insight into optimal assay systems for characterizing GPCR ligand-mediated drug effects, the most effective assays to test unknown molecules for activity against GPCRs, the role of GPCR assay bias in drug discovery, and more!

Measuring β-Arrestin Recruitment Through Native GPCRs In High Throughput

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