Custom Cell Lines

Put our expertise in cell line development to work for your GPCR cell-based assay needs

Stable cell lines are a must in drug discovery research...

…from target validation, to HTS screening, compound profiling, lead optimization, and IND lead candidate selection. This applies to programs targeting GPCRs and other families from druggable proteins like kinases, NHRs, transporters, integrins, ion-channels, and more. To expedite drug discovery research, we have built an extensive catalog of MULTISCREEN™ stable cell lines expressing GPCRs, kinases, transporters, integrins, NHRs, and ion channels. 

GPCR custom cell lines, used for HTS screening and drug discovery, image

Not seeing the cell line you need in our catalog?

With our uniquely combined assay development and cell sciences expertise, the Multispan team can generate custom stable cell lines that meet your projects’ needs. These custom-generated MULTISCREEN™ stable cell lines are highly characterized single-cell clones, selected and validated in functional assays, and ready to go in high throughput screening and compound profiling. Due to the clonal nature of MULTISCREEN™ stable cell lines, these cell lines guarantee a high performance that will withstand the test of time. 

Specifically, to support your target validation and primary screening needs, we will engage in the following steps with our customer:

  • Discuss and plan out the customer’s screening funnel
  • Clone target cDNA by specific variant of interest
  • Generate stable cell lines selected in G-protein or beta-arrestin assays using tool compounds and MULTISCREEN™ GPCR assay kits
  • Directly select clones in full or partial agonist, antagonist, PAM or NAM modes
  • Optimize HTS screening assay in 384-well format
  • Scale up, bank and validate cells
  • Deliver cells, assays kits and validated protocols as a complete solution
  • Or screen compounds at Multispan immediately to save time and cost in reagent transfer

To plan for the secondary counter screens and compound profiling to support hit-to-lead, lead optimization and candidate selection, we will develop secondary HTS screening assays in the primary cells or recombinant MULTISCREENTM stable cell lines for your targets of interest, with additional focuses on:

  • Signaling biases: GPCR assays like Beta-arrestin, pGRK2, Calcium, IP-1, cAMP, pERK
  • Translational readout: Insulin secretion, cytokine secretion, chemotaxis, pNF-kB
  • Target engagement: radioligand binding, GTPgamma-S and internalization
  • Translational assay: wild-type and mutant stable cell lines with endogenous target knocked-down or knocked-out by siRNA and CRISPR
  • Ortholog cross-reactivity: rodents, dog, non-human primate
  • Off-targets: target variants and related other family isotypes
  • Scale up, bank and validate cells
  • Deliver cells, assays kits and validated protocols as complete solution
  • Or screen compounds at Multispan with 1-day turnaround for SAR campaigns

Custom-generated MULTISCREENTM stable cell lines come with distinctive benefits to ensure your success:

  • Cell line generation is coupled to functional assay development for HTS screening needs 
  • Target diversity: GPCRs, kinases, NHRs, transporters, integrins, ion-channels and more
  • Stable cell lines with endogenous and heterologous expression
  • Comparable pharmacology and expression for human and ortholog targets
  • Wild-type and knockout mutant cells of endogenously-expressed targets
  • Single clones selected in relevant functional readout with customer input upfront
  • Rigorous QC: RT-PCR full-length sequencing, mycoplasma, growth curve, functional and expression stability testing
  • Fast turnaround

In our pursuit of a perfect clone for each custom cell line generation project, the customer will have visibility to our progress and opportunities to provide feedback along the way.

With a long standing track record for over a decade, 100% successful delivery rate is what we  always strive for. 

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