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Multispan, Inc. is a leader in cell engineering, assay and high-throughput screening services with a solid track record in lowering costs and shortening the drug discovery timeline. We offer assay services, innovative technologies, and ready-to-use tools with uncompromised quality to develop better medicines one assay at a time. 

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Multispan believes Learning is Power and is committed to contributing to the world of drug discovery.

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September 21, 2022

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Assay Orphan GPCRs in High Throughput with MULTISCREEN™ β-Arrestin Sensor Technology

April 26, 2021

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Collaborative approach

In-depth HTS assay experience

Unwavering dedication to customer success

Breadth of target, technology, and assay knowledge

Commitment to quality and scientific excellence

Cost effective with quick turnaround

The Multispan Difference enables our clients to overcome hurdles and bring better medicines to market

Develop new therapies faster

Complete projects more cost-effectively

Confidence in the reliability and relevance of the data 


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