What our customers are saying about Multispan.

"Multispan provided us with target engagement data for a novel target for a rare genetic neurological disease. I collaborated with scientists at Multispan to optimize the conditions for a Gi/o coupled GPCR to generate robust assay data for both AI-generated focused library screening and dose-response potency data. In conjunction with our in-house brain organoid disease model data, we successfully identified candidates for lead optimization that engage the target and rescue the disease phenotype. Multispan scientists were proactive to suggest approaches to optimize assay quality and conducted additional experiments on several occasions to ensure high assay quality."
Jon Hawkinson, Ph.D.
Former Vice President, Drug Discovery, Vyant Bio Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Minnesota
"Multispan performs GPCR screening for us on a battery of 32 typical targets and off-target GPCRs in drug discovery. What is most impressive about their work product is that they determine functionality (agonist, partial agonist and antagonist) and potency from dose-response curves using multiplexing of assays. After comparison between vendors, we found Multispan to be the least expensive option and to provide the greatest value for the funds we have available. The post-assay customer interface is excellent in that they answer questions and provide relevant commentary as needed."
Allen Reitz, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Fox Chase Therapeutics Discovery, Inc.
“We were referred to Multispan through a contact in our network. Very happy working with Helena and her team. Starting from scratch to get a virtual newco up and running as quickly as possible, Helena and her team rolled up their sleeves on new biology. This helped us sort out a complicated story quickly which paid dividends later on. Have since referred Multispan to other firms in our network, and will work with them again if and when the need arises.”
Peter C.
CEO, Ariagen Inc. / Principle, Decheng Capital
“Fantastic turn-around time for obtaining a great catalog of cell lines and assay services. Results are always well- controlled and with great accuracy, which is much appreciated. They make themselves available for consultation if needed (and we often have). In our fast-paced and often chaotic environment, it’s great to know that Multispan won’t be the rate-limiting factor in our research. When we start a GPCR technology development project, many times we prioritize our proof-of-concept studies based on the important reagents and services Multispan provides. In summary, Multispan offers fast, friendly and high-quality products and services. It almost goes without writing that they are THE company to go to when dealing with GPCRs.”
Michael Weiner, Ph.D.
Vice President, Molecular Sciences at Abcam
"I have worked with Multispan, Inc, on multiple drug development programs, utilizing their GPCR platforms over past 5 years. Their team are true experts in the field, where their data is always highly robust and reproducible, and the team is highly responsive and easy to work with. The team at Multispan are true leaders in the field of GPCR drug discovery."
Brian Layden, MD, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine, Chief of Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, University of Illinois at Chicago.
"We performed small molecule activity screening for GPCR targets with Multispan over the span of the past 3 years. Multispan team has been very responsive with study requests and took initiatives to help with trouble shooting. The team performed studies with rapid turnaround time and reproducible results. With the Multispan team’s help, we were able to advance our discovery efforts into DC selection in less than 9 months. We look forward to the team’s continuous expansion of their portfolio and hopefully someday we can work on another discovery projects together."
Fei Liu, Ph.D
Principal Scientist, Project manager, Oppilan Pharma
“The Multispan team are extremely helpful and strive for timely data delivery with good quality (They mostly deliver ahead of schedule). They also work with us on designing experiments that would be the most informative. We are fortunate to have Multispan as our GPCR partner."
Archana Vijayakumar, Ph.D.
Research Scientist, Gilead Sciences
“Over the past two years I worked with Multispan on the discovery and optimization of partial agonist ligands for a Gi/o coupled GPCR. Multispan supported the in vitro effort that enabled the compound optimization by implementing and running radiolabel binding assays to evaluate the affinity of ligands, cAMP assays in agonist and antagonist modes to evaluate functional activity, GTPgS assays to accurately measure the efficacy of ligands on the receptor, ARRB-2 assays to evaluate the arresting signaling pathway and receptor internalization assays to evaluate functional activity. The work performed by Multispan was professional with good reproducibility from week-to-week, quick turnaround and cost effective. The Multispan team is easy to work with and when the assays deviated from the norm they were quick to repeat the data and address problems."
Julio Medina, Ph.D.
R2M Pharma Inc. C.E.O.
“Multispan has been very helpful and responsive. We met with the scientists to discuss their cell lines and assays and what we needed. Then we designed the experiments together. The results were definitive. When we proceeded with a second series of experiments, Multispan was very responsive to our concerns and took the initiative in terms of trouble shooting. This lead to another set of high quality results. Multispan has been committed to providing reproducible results with all the appropriate controls and the team has been very easy to work with.”
B Kahn, M.D. and I Syed, Ph.D.
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School
"Multispan helped me obtain a much needed cell line very fast. The cell line worked perfectly and helped me to screen antibodies quickly with very little wait and cost."
Jon W, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, Kadmon
"I have had the opportunity to work with Multispan for many years. In addition to receiving well characterized and well validated cells for our GPCR research from their extensive catalogue, we have also had Multispan create custom cells to suit our needs. The attention to detail and consistent communication from Multispan with our scientists to discuss results or problems, allowed us to pick the best clones for our purposes. Multispan also provided screening services for secondary compound profiling, getting data back to us on a timely basis allowing us to move rapidly forward with our projects. I would recommend Multipsan’s cell lines and services without reservations."
Keith Demarest
Former VP of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research, Janssen Pharmaceutical, Retired

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