Enriched active assay platform

Calcium, pGRK2, IP-1, cAMP, pERK, pNFκB, radioligand binding, GTPγS, GRK2, chemotaxis, insulin secretion and internalization assays in agonist, antagonist, PAM, and NAM modes as well as with parallel assays in human and ortholog targets.

Robust Proprietary Technology

Enabling expression and assay development of historically “difficult” GPCR targets.

High value results

Capturing positive and negative allosteric modulators, agonists, and antagonists in functional and biochemical assays.

Flexibility in panel size

Customizable 470 validated assays for 270 targets plus 75 human orphan GPCRs. 320 human GPCR and 222 ortholog GPCR cDNAs are cloned for custom assays.

Proven track record

Experience in HTS, Hit-to-Lead and Lead Optimization campaigns that have led to successful INDs.

Quick turnaround

1-2 days for SAR, 1-2 weeks for profiling, 1 month for HTS.

High Quality

Uncompromising quality results by industry standards and customer care to earn consistent high customer retention rate.