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Catalog Number: CA1513BA2-1

Lot Number: CA1513BA2-1-081821

Quantity: 1 vial (2 x 106) frozen cells

Freeze Medium: CellBanker 2 (Amsbio 11891)

Host cell: CHO-K1 β-Arrestin2

Transfection: Expression vector containing full-length human CB1B cDNA (GenBank Accession Number: NM_033181.3) with FLAG tag sequence at N-terminus and ARRB2 cDNA (GenBank Accession Number NM_004313.3)

Recommended Storage: Liquid nitrogen upon receiving

Propagation Medium: DMEM/F12, 10% FBS, 10 μg/mL puromycin, 800 μg/mL G418

Stability: In progress

Data Sheet

Background: Cannabinoid Receptor 1, CNR1 also known as CB1, is primarily involved in cannabinoid induced CNS effects. It acts by inhibiting intracellular adenylate cyclase activity and could be a receptor for anandamide. CB1 receptor is found in both central and peripheral tissues an recently, this receptor is also emerging as a potential therapeutic target for obesity-related diseases. It has two Isoforms CB1a and CB1b, CB1b is formed by internal deletion of 33 amino acids and preferentially expressed in B cells and Hepatocyte of Liver and is a more powerful modulator of adenyl cyclase activity.

Application: Functional assays

Figure 1. Dose-dependent stimulation from arrestin recruitment upon treatment with ligand, measured with MultiScreenTM β-Arrestin Assay Kit (Multispan MSBA01). Figure 2. Dose-dependent inhibition of forskolin-stimulated intracellular cAMP accumulation upon treatment with ligand, measured with MultiScreenTM TR-FRET cAMP 1.0 No Wash Assay Kit (Multispan MSCM01). Figure 3. Receptor expression on cell surface measured by flow cytometry (FACS) using an anti-FLAG antibody. Thin line: parental cells; thick line: receptor-expressing cells.


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