Assay Development and Screening Services

high value for drug discovery and manufacturing QC

with uncompromising quality and rapid turnaround

Assay Development

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  • Customized second messenger, reporter, phenotypic and binding assays in MultiScreen™ recombinant or primary cells.
  • Select from the most relevant biological assay to meet screening research needs such as Calcium, cAMP, β-arrestin, pGRK2, IP-1, pERK, pNFκB, radioligand binding, GTPγS, chemotaxis, insulin secretion, cell proliferation, Luciferase reporter and internalization
  • Comparable pharmacology for human and ortholog targets
  • Rapid 1-month turnaround time

Screening and Profiling

  • Human and ortholog GPCRs and beyond in agonist, antagonist, PAM and NAM modes
  • Relevant signaling, binding or phenotypic assays in recombinant or endogenous primary cells
  • HTS, lead optimization support, primary and secondary screens
  • 32-GPCR safety/liability panel implicated in central nervous, cardiac, pulmonary and GI concerns
  • 75-oprhan GPCR Calcium assay panel
  • Provide reports, analysis and raw data at no extra charge
  • Exceptional next-day rapid turnaround for SAR routine screen

Frozen Cell Scale up and Banking

  • Eliminate laborious cell culture in HTS, lead optimization, and manufacturing QC
  • Same day seeding and screening
  • Functionally validated
  • Grown from master cell bank with the lowest passage number
  • MultiScreen™ stable cell lines or cells from a third party
  • Scaled up to 0.5-10 billion cells and packaged in 10-50 million cells per frozen vial
  • 2-4 week turnaround

GPCR Antibody Profiling


There are 350 “druggable” GPCRs which share many similar primary and conformational epitopes. Is your antibody lead SPECIFIC to your GPCR target of interest?


Obtain valuable information to

  • make Go-Or-No-Go decision early
  • save cost in expensive animal and clinical studies
  • shorten lead development cycle


Assess specificity of the antibody lead in Multispan’s large GPCR expression panel. We measure your antibody binding to GPCRs in NATIVE conformations directly on mammalian cell surface by FACS.

Case Study

Identification of Multiple Cross-Reactivities of Anti-CCR5


The N-term-tagged GPCRs are expressed in HEK293T cells. Binding of a test mAb to the GPCR receptor panel is measured by FACS analysis using Geometric Mean of fluorescence intensity. RBI (Relative Binding Index) is determined by normalizing Geometric Mean of the test mAb binding to that of anti-tag mAb binding. RBI for the test mAb to the target GPCR is set at 100%.